Parent Resources

Tumbleweed's mission is to provide relevant, quality education to our students which will enable them to participate successfully in the changing world. In pursuit of this mission, Tumbleweed will seek innovations that encourage excitement for learning, create a learning environment characterized by caring and trust and help each child develop to his/her fullest potential, and provide opportunities that help students meet the challenges of change.

The Transportation Department is responsible for transporting students safely to and from school for educational programs and activities. The Transportation Department consists of 300 plus employees. School bus drivers are required by State Law to have a Commercial Drivers License, First Aid and CPR certifications. If you are interested in becoming a school bus driver, bus assistant or crossing guard you can now apply on-line. The W.E.S.D. Board has authorized the administration to provide regular school bus transportation to and from school for the following categories:
  1. Students with disabilities whose individual education plans require transportation.
  2. Students living within a one-mile radius of the school, where hazardous or difficult routes exist and where other arrangements cannot be provided.
  3. Students who reside in excess of a one-mile radius of school.

Immunization Requirements

Arizona state law, (A.R.S. 15-873) governs immunization requirements. To attend school, student immunizations must be current; that is to say no further immunizations are required at the time of entry. Documented proof of immunizations must be provided to the school. The following immunizations are required:

  • DTap/DPT/DT/TD
  • Tdap (students 11 years of age and older in grades 6, 7 and 8)
  • Polio
  • MMR (measles, mumps and rubella)
  • Varicella (or history of having the disease) 2010-2011 school year grades: preschool, K-8. A second dose is required if dose No. 1 was given at 13+ years of age.
  • Hib (students under 5 years of age)
  • Hepatitis A (students under 5 years of age)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Meningococcal (students 11 years of age and older in grades 6, 7 and 8)

Tumbleweed School
Washington Elementary School District
Parent Involvement Policy 2012-2013


Tumbleweed Elementary School will plan regular activities at the school to involve parents, families, and community members through the PTO/Site Council and various outreach meetings.


·          We will communicate school reports and information to the parents and families in a language the parents understand and offer interpreters as needed.

·          Parents will be  invited and encouraged to participate in the decision making processes that relate to the school Title I Parent Involvement Plan and funding for activities through the Site Council. The annual Title I parent meeting will be held during the Back to School/Meet the teacher night to increase attendance and participation.

·          Tumbleweed School will involve parents in the students’ academic learning and other activities to ensure the parents are able to assist in their child’s learning.  There will be events such as grade level Family Math Nights, literacy events several times a year and various community building events throughout the school year.


 Tumbleweed School will implement the following Parent Involvement Policy Components:

1.   There will be joint development of the Parent Involvement Policy with the Site Council, including parents.  The policy will be drafted by the Tumbleweed Leadership Team (TLT), and then presented to the Site Council and the Tumbleweed Leadership Committee (TLC), which includes representatives from all grade levels and special area teachers.  The plan will be revised and completed after input by the TLT.

2.   Parents will be involved in the school Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) by encouraging parents to complete and return parent satisfaction or other surveys that define school needs.  We will conduct Title I meetings for parents that explain the school program and needs.

3.   Tumbleweed will use school resources to plan and implement parent involvement activities to improve student achievement and school performance through the Site Council, PTA, the school social worker, school and District staff and community members.  Parent activities will include the availability of a Clothing Closet, Parent University, parent classes for English learners, technology and parenting.  There will be parent involvement activities including such events as the Science Fair, family After-school Academy events, music performances, sporting events, a science/math evening with studying under the stars, family math game nights, morning breakfast for kindergarten parents, Read Across America events, Internet safety classes, Olweus bullying prevention presentation combined with the Ice Cream Social, PTA fund-raisers such as pizza nights and Culver’s, and a spring carnival. Parents will also be directly involved with the classroom through resources such as the Homework Hotline (Tiger Talk), classroom newsletters, ongoing progress reports, homework that involves the parents, and daily behavior sheets sent home by teachers.

4.   The content and effectiveness of the Policy will be reviewed annually in terms of improving school quality; The review will be accomplished through surveying parents and analyzing the results of the surveys.  Parent and staff meetings will be held for collaboration and discussion and the Parent Involvement Plan will be revised for the following school year.  Revisions will be made based on data and findings from the Site Council.

5.   Assistance to parents will be provided on the following topics:

·         Title I requirements

·         Standard-based report cards

·         Arizona student assessments

·         Arizona Common Core Standards

·         ELL classes

·         School newsletters

·         School and teacher Web sites

·         Volunteer opportunities

·         Parenting classes

·         Technology classes

·         How to help students at home

·         Communication between school and home

·         Translators/interpreters provided for parents in the language they understand

The actions listed above will help create a partnership consisting of parents, the school and the community.  All involved will be committed to ensuring the academic achievement of Tumbleweed students, members of the Washington Elementary School District.