Student Pick Up/Drop Off


 Obey all posted traffic signs.

Drop-off and pickup traffic must enter from the east off 39th Avenue.

For student drop off, drive all the way to the student drop-off area in the east parking lot (entrance off 39th Avenue).  Parents may park in the designated areas (painted) and escort their children to the designated drop off area.


No Left Turn

To expedite the flow of traffic in the parking lot during drop-off and pick-up, we have implemented a no left turn when exiting the parking lot onto 39th avenue.  Please take notice and abide by the sign and make a right turn only when exiting onto 39th avenue in the morning during drop-off and in the afternoon during pick-up.


Never have children walk across the parking lot without an adult accompanying them.

 In order for even the best plan to work, everyone must make good choices, respect each other and follow directions while exercising patience.