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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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Alisa Alfaro Teacher - Gr. 1 alisa.alfaro@wesdschools.org Alisa Alfaro 
Alysa Fawbush Teacher - Gr. 1 alysa.fawbush@wesdschools.org  
Anne Barsness Teacher - Gr. 5 anne.barsness@wesdschools.org Anne Barsness 
Ariel Zaragoza Teacher - Gr. 3 ariel.zaragozahernandez@wesdschools.org  
Brian Camilli PE Teacher brian.camilli@wesdschools.org Brian Camilli 
Bridget Hall Teacher - Gr. 6 bridget.hall@wesdschools.org  
Casey Stock Teacher - Gr. Kdg casey.stock@wesdschools.org Casey Stock 
Charles Brennan Teacher - Gr. 6 charles.brennan@wesdschools.org Charles Brennan 
Cristin Leigh Saiz Gifted Teacher leigh.saiz@wesdschools.org Cristin Saiz 
Dee Anna Hedges Music Teacher deeanna.hedges@wesdschools.org Dee Anna Hedges 
Josephine Corson Teacher - Gr. Kdg josephine.corson@wesdschools.org  
Karen Vanderpoel Teacher - Gr. 2 karen.vanderpoel@wesdschools.org Karen Vanderpoel 
Kathy Bigar Teacher - Gr. Kdg kathy.bigar@wesdschools.org  
Katie Trentacosta Teacher - Special Needs Preschool kathryn.trentacosta@wesdschools.org Katie Trentacosta 
Kevin Maassen Librarian kevin.maassen@wesdschools.org  
Kristen Herb Teacher - Gr. 4 kristen.herb@wesdschools.org  
Krystal Crown Teacher - Gr. 2 krystal.crown@wesdschools.org  
Lindsey Livingstone Teacher - Gr. 3 lindsey.livingstone@wesdschools.org  
Maggie Linneer Teacher - Gr. 3 marguerite.linneer@wesdschools.org Maggie Linneer 
Maria Andrade Teacher - Gr. 4 maria.andrade@wesdschools.org  
Mary Brontsema Academic Intervention Specialist mary.brontsema@wesdschools.org  
Mary Ellen Yaghmourian Resource Teacher maryellen.yaghmourian@wesdschools.org Mary Ellen Yaghmourian 
Paige Yeats Teacher - Gr. 1 paige.yeats@wesdschools.org  
Sarah Howard Teacher - Gr. 5 sarah.howard@wesdschools.org  
Shelly Franks Speech Teacher shelly.franks@wesdschools.org  
Susan McKenna Resource Teacher susan.mckenna@wesdschools.org  
Talissa Cabrera Teacher - Gr. 6 talissa.cabrera@wesdschools.org  
Tanya Campbell Teacher - Gr. 2 tanya.campbell@wesdschools.org Tanya Campbell 
Teresa Miller Teacher - Gr. 5 teresa.miller@wesdschools.org  
Teri Terasaki Art Teacher teri.terasaki@wesdschools.org Teri Terasaki 
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